Holiday Sale Breakdown (Deals + Freebies)

Holiday Sale Breakdown (Deals + Freebies)


Our holiday sale has officially begun and we have a load of big discounts for Panda Nation as well as a ton of freebies. This year, we are giving away 6 free mini digital instructionals with every order.

When sales get this big, we often get a lot of questions. This post aims to simplify your shopping experience.

Our Holiday Sale is scheduled to run through Black Friday (11/29).

In that sale, here are our top 3 favorite items:

Every order, no matter how big or small, gets 6 free instructionals. Those include:

  • Bodylock Insights with Reilly Bodycomb
  • Monoplata Insights with Hillary Witt and Nelson Puentes
  • Half Guard Insights with David Phimisipasom
  • Mount Escapes by Nelson Puentes and Hillary Witt
  • Pin Escapes by Nelson Puentes and Hillary Witt
  • Half Guard Escapes by Nelson Puentes and Hillary Witt

The access links for your digital instructionals will be included in your confirmation email.

If you have any questions, please reach out. Otherwise, thank you for being so good to us over the years.

Start shopping while supplies last!

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