[Video] Solo Drills: Bridging and Sit Outs

Solo Drills in this video:

  1. Bridging - Straight Up
  2. Bridging - Over Alternating Shoulders
  3. Bridging - Turn Over to Knees
  4. Bridging - Twist Under to Knees
  5. Bridge to Shrimp
  6. Sit Outs
  7. Sit Out to Swinging Pivots
  8. "Brazilian Dance" Sit Outs
  9. Box Sit Outs

Be careful with box sit outs if you have bad wrists, elbows, or shoulders. The crab walk position is often aggravating if you do.

The first video in this series is available here: Solo Drills: Horizontal Movements.

My hombre Jason C. Brown has 5 more bridges for you to do in his aptly titled 5 Bridges Every Jiu-Jiteiro Should Do.

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