This One Goes Out to Panda Nation

On May 18, 2012 our first order for came through, from New Zealand. And Panda Nation was born. As I write this blog, we are closing on our 10,000th order. The support we have received over the years has been amazing. We have an incredible community full of friendly jiu-jiteiros.

Thinking about how far we’ve come and the thousands of people that have helped our brand to grow got me feeling a bit fuzzy. Seeing Panda gis on every continent we’ve visited made me think that Panda Nation reaches pretty far, but how far? Well, we mapped out our customers, and the results, well, they blew me away. Take a look:

We have growing left to do, but in most major jiu-jitsu hotspots, you can’t go very far without meeting a fellow Panda!

For all the orders we’ve gotten and all of the places we’ve visited, we’ve met very few bad apples. Even if something went wrong with an order, the people we talk with are understanding and respectful, true representatives of what our sport strives to be. Seeing that map got me feeling nostalgic, so I dug through and pulled out some of our favorite emails:

Pansy P., Brooklyn, NY

Love your gi. The only one that fits me properly. I'm 5'1" and 140 lb. Had two gi before yours. Wished I had three Inverted Gear gis instead.

Miguel C., Vineland, NJ

I received my A2 black gi pants today, which completes my order. Thank you so much for your timely actions and the courteous manner in which you remedied my problem. You've made me a very happy customer, and I am going share the positive experience I had with Inverted Gear on my social media accounts.

Thank you again!

Tim G., N Grafton, MA

You guys are awesome...and I freaking LOVE my gi...I'm going to make my wife get me another one for my birthday!

Adelaide, Feltham, England UK

Dear (Awesome) Inverted Gear People,

Happy New Year!

I finally received my white panda gi today, and I have to say it is absolutely stunning. It is comfortable to roll in, everyone in the class was asking where I got it, and it's rather difficult to focus while wearing such cute panda designs! (But we'll get over the attention issue right?)

I wanted to thank you for bringing this brand to life. I will keep on using your brand and spread the good word.

All the very best for 2016.

Laura C., Sparta, NJ

First of all, you guys are amazing! I only ordered 2 days ago and it arrived today so I was able to give it to my daughter at her graduation party! SHE IS IN LOVE with her gi and rash guard!!

Paul D., Riverside, CA

I love the fact you offer in between sizes for the tall lanky dudes like myself. I also really enjoy the extra loops and drawstrings. Only pair of pants that never comes untied when rolling.

I wish I had something to suggest to improve upon but in all honesty, it’s perfect.
I love love love my inverted gear gi!! Thanks guys for making such an amazing gi.

Quinn M., McDonough, GA

I've been a huge fan of Inverted Gear ever since I got my first IG gi back in 2013. I have a collection of 7 panda gi's ranging from the original white and blue, black, the purple CS, to the bam-blue and I love them all!

Marco Tse, Markham, Ontario Canada

I'm a big fan of Inverted Gear gis. So far I have the navy bamboo, black tap cancer out, panda armor, and the blue panda gi 2.0 version… I love the fit of your gis, for some reason they fit much better than most other brands, which is why I have 4 of them...

Rachel H., San Diego, CA

I wanted to take a chance to thank Inverted Gear for going above and beyond. A teammate of mine recently reached out to your company because our pants were shrinking significantly. You went above and beyond helping us getting us fitting attire. I love Inverted Gear (I'm still eagerly watching the website for those sambo shorts :D) and have teammates that laugh whenever they see the panda because it reminds them of me... They like to joke I make the panda right side up. I look forward to more to come from Inverted and love knowing I can trust the product you deliver. All the best and happy rolling!

Thank you to every member of Panda Nation for being so kind to us. We’re looking forward to serving you for many years to come.

-Nelson & Hillary