The Best White Belt Wednesday Videos (So Far)

Last year, Nelson, Hillary and I started filming videos to reply to questions on reddit's weekly White Belt Wednesday discussion. Since then, we have filmed 80 videos, and we are set to break 100 in no time. Here are some of the most popular videos in case you missed them:

#1 - Passing guard vs a bigger opponent

Hillary rarely gets to train with someone her own size, so she has developed the skills to get around the guard of bigger opponents. Here she explains her favorite method for passing guard when at a size disadvantage.

#2 - Dealing with wrestlers as a white belt

This is a problem most white belts run into when they did not wrestle before starting BJJ. There isn't any one single answer, but you can learn to expect certain behaviors from wrestlers who are new to BJJ. (Good luck once they learn to pass guard!)

#3 - What to do when starting from knees

For better or worse, starting from knees is common in most BJJ schools, and beginners are often confused about what they are supposed to do. This is one of the most common questions we get. 

#4 - Beating the stiff arm bench press escape

If you find you get stiff armed and bench pressed out of side control, this is for you. Realize that positions are not truly static, and that you need to be shifting yourself around in response to the problems your opponent is giving you.

#5 - How to make your Inverted Gear gi bag into a backpack

Were you aware of this sorcery!?

You can watch the other 75+ White Belt Wed videos here.