Sponsorship Opportunity – Cincinnati, St. Louis, Oklahoma City

We are looking to add new grapplers to our sponsored team in the cities of Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Oklahoma City.

From our start, slinging t-shirts out of my mom’s basement in New Jersey, Inverted Gear has approached the sport and its business in a nontraditional way. When we first began making products, the trend was more tattoo-style art with big angry dragons and maybe some rhinestones mixed in. And then here comes Nelson with an upside-down panda on a minimalist gi.

We gravitate toward the side of the sport that doesn’t take itself so seriously. We love jiu-jitsu for the challenge it presents, but more than that, we love the communities it can build. Jiu-jitsu, in our minds, is best with good people and good laughs.

And that’s how we approach our sponsored team as well. When we look for new people to sponsor, we don’t just look for the baddest, meanest competitors we can find. Sometimes, we aren’t even looking for competitors at all.

So, if you know a grappler, purple belt or above living and training in Cincinnati, St. Louis, or Oklahoma City, here are the traits we are looking for:

  • Incredibly active in the sport as a coach, a competitor, or a mix of both
  • A laidback personality and a big heart for his or her students, training partners, and community
  • Active in the online BJJ scene

Do you know someone who fits this description? They could get a care package courtesy of Inverted Gear, and we will cover some competition fees (to be discussed with the winners based on their goals).

Go to our Reddit thread to make your nomination!

Nelson Puentes


Nelson Puentes

Hi my name is Nick, im 21 years old and I work at Catalyst BJJ in Windsor Colorado, a Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu affiliate. I’ve been coaching for 3.5 years 5 days a week. I make short VLOGS with my students on my instagram every week. I’ve been a blue belt for 2.5 years, I retired from mma about a year ago after fighting for an amateur belt with 4 submission wins leading up to that, I was the Sparta combat league Submission artist of the year for all pro and ammy fighters. I recently took 1st in no gi and 2nd in Gi at my last competition the Denver IBJJF open. I try to travel to Cali and Texas to compete in bigger IBJJF competitions whenever I can afford it. I love how jiu jitsu is a positive community and I think it does an amazing job fulfilling essential aspects like being part of a tribe, exercise, self improvement etc. all in healthy ways which is why I want to own a gym later in life. I feel as if it’s the best way I can make a difference in this life. Im obsessed with this life. Im a fan of your gear, and support would be more than appreciated.for further infor check my instagram at nick.hall7. Thank you.

Nelson Puentes

Hi my name is achraf and im purple belt im irish silver medalist nederland abu dhabi bronz medal im purple belt under alliance bjj i live in ireland im asking for sponsorship any idea or help thanks very mutch

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