White Old School Gi


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Rediscover the essence of martial arts tradition with our "Old School Gi," a tribute to the timeless judo gis of the past, infused with modern innovation for an unmatched training experience.

Key Features:

  1. Heavyweight Durability: The "Old School Gi" jacket boasts a robust 650 GSM Pearl Weave fabric, ensuring unrivaled strength and durability that can withstand the most demanding training sessions.

  2. Classic Diamond Pattern: The jacket skirt features a classic diamond pattern, reminiscent of the judo gis of yesteryears, providing a distinctive and nostalgic look.

  3. Durable Canvas Pants: Our gi includes 12oz canvas pants with a Pearl Weave gusset, delivering durability and flexibility in one package.

  4. Secure Elastic Rope: The gi is equipped with an elastic rope featuring a 6-loop system, ensuring a secure fit during intense training.

  5. Convenient Mouthpiece/ID Pocket: The pants feature a handy mouthpiece/ID pocket, adding practicality to your training sessions.

  6. Custom Ribbon Detailing: Enjoy a touch of customization with custom ribbon detailing along the jacket edge and inside the pant and sleeve loops, adding a unique and personalized touch to your gi.

  7. Custom Embroidered Logos: Showcase your identity with custom embroidered logos that reflect your individual style and commitment to your martial arts journey.

  8. Complementary Gi Bag: To complete the package, we provide a custom gi bag that not only protects your gi but also serves as a stylish statement piece.

The "Old School Gi" jacket features the iconic split skirt design reminiscent of old-school judo gis, embodying the spirit of tradition and authenticity.

Why Choose the "Old School Gi"?

We don't just offer a gi; we offer a piece of martial arts history blended with contemporary innovation. The "Old School Gi" is trusted by martial artists who cherish tradition while embracing modern comfort and functionality.

Step back in time while moving forward in your martial arts journey. Elevate your BJJ experience with a gi that combines classic charm with cutting-edge features. Order the "Old School Gi" today and embrace the timeless elegance of martial arts fashion while training with the latest advancements in gear.

Rekindle the spirit of the old school. Elevate your performance. Choose the "Old School Gi," where tradition meets innovation.

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