7 Days of Panda Christmas

Open your presents!

Thank you for supporting Panda Nation over the years. We are blessed to serve the jiu-jitsu community, and our family is grateful to have customers like you. As a big thank you, we asked our jiu-jitsu super friends if they would throw some presents under our tree to share with you, and here’s how you claim them.

  1. Reilly Bodycomb Instructional – This is an Inverted Gear exclusive from our favorite leglocker in the game. Reilly shot a special instructional just for Panda Christmas showing you how to wrestle up to steal points in BJJ matches. View Reilly Bodycomb's Wrestle Back! video here.

  2. Jon Calestine Instructional – Another Inverted Gear exclusive, Jon has been tearing up the competition scene, and we are excited to share his jiu-jitsu with you. His contribution to Panda Christmas is an exclusive instructional on escaping no-gi leglock positions. View Jon Calestine's Leglock Escapes video here.

  3. Training Wheels by Valerie Worthington – Val has been shaping the lives of jiu-jiteiros through her camps and her teaching, and this book recounts her adventure of quitting her job and traveling the country to pursue a new life in jii-jitsu. This download is e-reader ready! Download it here [EPUB file].

  4. The Cauliflower Chronicles by Marshal Carper – One of the original jiu-jitsu travel memoirs, Marshal moved to Hilo, HI to train with BJ Penn, looking for his place in the world along the way. This download is Kindle ready! Download it here [MOBI file].

  5. Show the Art Trial – Show the Art brings a unique perspective on training and practicing BJJ, and their membership portal is a wealth of deep insights. You will receive an trial account access email from Show the Art on Nov. 27.

  6. Isolate to Dominate – From Nelson the Big Panda himself, this instructional breaks down a series of limb isolation concepts into a practical game plan. Taught with text, GIFs, and videos, this is an in-depth learning experience. You will receive an account access email from Artechoke Media on Nov. 27.

  7. Mastering the Crucifix – Matt Kirtley is obsessed with the crucifix, and this rich media instructional covers a complete gameplan for finding the crucifix and finishing from the position. You will receive an account access email from Artechoke Media on Nov. 27.

Thank you again for supporting Inverted Gear and for making 2018 a special year for our family!

-Nelson & Hillary