Black Bamboo GI



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Overview: The Inverted Gear Bamboo Hybrid Weave Gi stands as a testament to innovative design and sustainable practices in BJJ apparel. This gi combines the natural benefits of bamboo with the durability of cotton, creating a unique blend that offers both comfort and resilience. Ideal for environmentally conscious practitioners who do not want to compromise on quality, this gi is a perfect blend of modern technology and traditional martial arts values.


  1. 350 Gram 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton Hybrid Weave Jacket: The jacket is crafted from a lightweight yet durable 350 gram hybrid weave, combining 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Bamboo adds a natural softness and antimicrobial properties, while cotton ensures the gi's structural integrity.

  2. 12oz Rip Stop Pants with Bamboo Weave Gusset: The pants are made of a tough 12oz Rip Stop fabric, enhanced with a bamboo weave gusset for added comfort and durability. This unique combination offers both toughness and breathability.

  3. Elastic Rope with 6 Loop System: The waistband features an elastic rope and a six-loop system, ensuring a secure fit that can adapt to the practitioner's movements without coming loose.

  4. Mouthpiece/ID Pocket in Pants: A convenient addition for any practitioner, the pants are equipped with a dedicated pocket for a mouthpiece or ID, keeping essential items close at hand.

  5. Custom Ribbon on Jacket Edge and Inside Pant and Sleeve Loop: The gi is adorned with a custom ribbon along the edge of the jacket and inside the pant and sleeve loops, adding a touch of elegance and distinctiveness.

  6. Custom Embroidered Logos: The gi features custom embroidered logos that showcase the unique identity of the Inverted Gear brand and the Bamboo Hybrid Weave line.

  7. Custom Gi Bag: Each gi comes with a specially designed custom gi bag for easy storage and transport, ensuring your gi stays protected and in top condition.

Sustainability Meets Performance: The Bamboo Hybrid Weave Gi not only offers exceptional performance on the mat but also reflects a commitment to sustainable practices in BJJ apparel. It's an excellent choice for the eco-conscious fighter who demands the best in both function and environmental responsibility.

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