Appear on the Polaris Pro Live Steam!


Hey pandas, we're sponsoring Polaris 4 in October, and we want to feature you in our commercial!

Here's what we need from you:

  • Film yourself talking about these:

    • Explain BJJ in 30 seconds
    • Why do you keep coming back to BJJ?

  • Be sure to wear your Inverted Gear gi, rash guard, or a t-shirt.

  • Also film yourself training and rolling and doing cool moves.
  • Upload those videos to Google Drive or Dropbox. We can help you set this up if you need help.

  • Using the form below, share the link to the videos with us.

  • Be sure to include the names of anyone else in the video, or at the very least your team name and the city & country where your gym is located.

  • We need your videos by Oct 7!

Here are some tips for shooting a good video:

  • Your video doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. A decent cell phone or SLR will do the trick.

  • Quality matters. Film in HD with a landscape orientation (no vertical cell phone videos, please!)

  • Your videos don’t have to be in the gym. We’d love to see you out and about in your town or city.

  • Do you train with other pandas? Feel free to invite them to join your video!

  • If you have questions, just ask!

Submit your video via the form below:

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