Uncouth Nogi Set

How Uncouth Are You?

  • Unconventional Techniques: Your style isn’t bound by traditional norms. You thrive on unpredictability, using unorthodox techniques that catch your opponents off-guard.

  • Raw and Instinctive: You rely on your natural instincts rather than overly refined techniques. Your approach is intuitive, making your movements hard to predict and counter.

  • Rough Around the Edges: Your style may not be the picture of technical perfection, but it’s effective. You focus on what works, not what looks good.

  • Adaptability and Improvisation: You excel in adapting to the unexpected. Your ability to improvise in the heat of a roll makes you a formidable opponent.

  • Focus on Function over Form: For you, practical effectiveness trumps aesthetic elegance. Your approach is about achieving results, not adhering to convention.

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Women's Uncouth Layered Shorts
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