Competition Gis

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Step onto the mat with confidence in the Inverted Gears Competition Gi Collection, meticulously engineered for excellence while adhering to IBJJF regulations. Crafted with precision and designed for champions, our collection offers a range of options to suit every competitor's needs.

Our Light Comp Gis, crafted from a durable 380gsm pearl weave fabric, provide the perfect balance of flexibility and resilience, ensuring agility and speed while remaining IBJJF compliant.

For those who demand extra durability and strength, our Heavy Comp Gis are the ultimate choice. Made from a robust 650gsm pearl weave, these gis meet IBJJF standards while offering maximum performance during intense training and competition.

Elevate your game, defy expectations, and embrace the spirit of champions with the Inverted Gears Competition Gi Collection, designed to excel within the parameters of IBJJF regulations.