Panda Duffle Bag



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Introducing our versatile and compact duffle bag, the perfect companion for your next adventure, whether it's a trip to practice or an epic journey. Our airline-approved personal item size duffle bag is designed to meet your needs and more.

Key Features:

Spacious Capacity: With a generous 30-liter capacity, our duffle bag offers ample room to carry your essentials. You can comfortably fit 3-4 gis, making it an ideal choice for martial arts enthusiasts and travelers alike. Plus, by using it as a personal item, you'll save valuable space in your carry-on luggage for other necessities.

Durable and Waterproof: Crafted from soft PVC with a waterproof outer layer, this duffle bag is built to withstand the elements. Rain or shine, your belongings will stay dry and protected, ensuring peace of mind on your adventures.

Thoughtful Organization: We've designed this bag with convenience in mind. It features waterproof pockets to keep your items organized and secure, a separate compartment for your shoes or alpargatas, and a handy hook for your ring or keys, so you'll never have to fumble for your essentials.

Travel-Friendly Size: Measuring 18" (W) x 14" (D) x 8" (H), our duffle bag is designed to meet airline personal item size requirements, making it a hassle-free travel companion. It easily fits under your seat, ensuring you have easy access to your belongings during your journey.

Whether you're heading to training, a weekend getaway, or embarking on a bigger adventure, our airline-approved personal item size duffle bag has got you covered. Its durable construction, smart organization features, and compact size make it the perfect choice for those who demand both style and functionality in their travel gear. Upgrade your travel game with this versatile duffle bag today!

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