If you're someone who trains jujitsu consistently you know its hard to find a workout that can fit into your busy schedule. That's why a kettle bell is a grapplers best friend, it provides a tough workout you can do anywhere.


With our kettle bells we wanted to provide you with something that can survive years of wear an tear. Most kettle bells are 2 pieces welded together giving it a higher chance to break and chip. That's why each kettle bell we designed was casted as a single piece giving you a kettle bell that's made to last.


With our main focus on durability we chose to go with a powder coating on our kettle bells. This give you a smooth surface to grip, even if your hands are sweaty you'll be able to grip comfortably.


With free shipping on all Kettle Bell orders this is the time to level up your game. And most importantly your favorite panda is casted on each kettle bell to let everyone know your part of the Panda Nation






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