FTPA Light Pearl Gis



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Overview: Inverted Gear proudly reintroduces one of its most beloved designs from the Panda archives, available for a limited time. This exclusive Light Pearl Gi, set to arrive in the second week of January, combines classic style with modern functionality. It's a nod to the legacy of Inverted Gear, crafted for both long-time fans and new practitioners who appreciate the blend of tradition and quality.


  1. 350 Gram Pearl Weave Jacket: The jacket is made from a 350 gram Pearl Weave fabric, offering a perfect balance between durability and lightness. This weave ensures the gi is tough enough for rigorous training while remaining comfortable and breathable.

  2. 12oz Rip Stop Pants with Pearl Weave Gusset: The pants are constructed from a durable 12oz Rip Stop material, reinforced with a Pearl weave gusset. This combination offers additional strength and flexibility where it matters most.

  3. Elastic Rope with 6 Loop System: The inclusion of an elastic rope and a six-loop system in the pants ensures a customizable and secure fit, adaptable to the wearer's movements and providing stability during training.

  4. Mouthpiece/ID Pocket in Pants: A convenient mouthpiece or ID pocket is integrated into the pants, a practical feature for practitioners to keep essential items close at hand.

  5. Custom Ribbon on Jacket Edge and Inside Pant and Sleeve Loop: The gi is elegantly finished with a custom ribbon along the jacket edge, and inside the pant and sleeve loops, adding a distinctive touch to its design.

  6. Custom Embroidered Logos: The gi features custom embroidered logos that resonate with Inverted Gear's heritage and the special nature of this limited edition release.

Limited Edition Release: This Light Pearl Gi from the Panda archives is a limited edition offering, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Its arrival marks a celebration of Inverted Gear's rich history and dedication to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Inverted Gear or a newcomer to the brand, this Light Pearl Gi offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of BJJ history, blending classic design with contemporary craftsmanship.

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